Spike TV Ratings For UFC On FOX 2 Counter-Programming

Spike TV used their access to the UFC’s programming library to counter Saturday night’s live ‘UFC On FOX 2’ event with re-runs of old UFC fights and pulled in some pretty solid numbers in the process.

During a UFC programming block that lasted from 7-11pm ET Spike pulled in an average of 828,000 viewers and at one stage enjoyed as many as 960,000 viewers for a ‘Fight Night’ replay.

While those figures pale in comparison to the average of 4.7 million who are now known to have turned into the two hour FOX broadcast from 8-10pm it’s still a sizeable figure for a re-run and suggests that there are still some casual viewers who have not twigged to the fact that the UFC are now airing their live events on FOX and it’s sister networks.

It shows just how strong the bond that the UFC and Spike TV grew over six years in business together that MMA fans are still drawn to the channel, and that bodes well for them as they get ready to welcome Bellator Fighting Championships as their official replacement for the UFC in 2013.


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