Sport Science Measures James Toney & Randy Couture’s Punching Power

The popular ‘Sport Science’ have been getting scientific in their efforts to establish who has the advantage in tomorrow night’s boxing Vs MMA bout between James Toney and Randy Couture.

Their tests show that Toney punches with 1300lbs of force, while Couture measure just 1000lbs.

That’s not surprising given that Couture has never been known as a striker, though it should be noted that Rampage Jackson previously registered 1800lbs of force on the show.

The program then goes on to highlight Couture’s remarkable physical conditioning at the age of 47.

According to their tests his cardiovascular levels equate to a 20-29 year old elite-level athlete, and he fatigues slower than any athlete they’ve tested in the history of the show.

Fascinating stuff, but what science can’t tell us is whether Toney can stop Couture from taking him to the mat. We’ll need to wait until Saturday night to discover that for ourselves.