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Stanislav Nedkov Produces Upset TKO Win Over Luiz Cane

Stanislav Nedkov weathered an early first round storm against Luiz Cane at UFC 134 before coming back to upset the Brazilian with a TKO stoppage in front of his disappointed home fans.

In the first round both fighters appeared to be happy to stand and trade, and that seemed to suit Cane’s more technical striking better. Nedkov was throwing wildly, favoring his overhand right, but it was the combination punches from Cane that were doing the most damage and appeared to have him rocked at one stage.

As the round drew towards it’s conclusion Cane was looking very confident and was really beginning to open up with his strikes, but then out of nowhere Nedkov suddenly landed with a right and then a clipping left that turned Cane’s legs to jelly and sent him retreating unsteadily across the cage with his back turned to Nedkov.

Nedkov didn’t give him a second to recover, immediately hunting him down and landing blows. Some are landing heavy and Cane drops down against the cage. He’s given a moment by the referee to recover and defend himself but he’s still stunned and with 4.13mins on the clock it’s all over.

This was a big win for Nedkov in his debut against a tough opponent, but he certainly didn’t get it all his own way and will no dobut be thankful to have finally emerged with his hand raised.

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