Stefan Struve utilized his superior ground skills to get the better of Pat Barry at UFC On Versus 6 tonight.

The first round was fought in a cautious fashion with both fighters taking time to figure out the height and reach differential between them.

As expected Barry was targeting Struve’s legs, but not with the frequency or urgency that we might have expected, while struve was favoring some kicks mixed in with straight punches, though also was not landing regularly enough given his reach advantage.

Things picked up a little in the early stages of the second round with Barry in particular starting to get more comfortable and appearing to hurt Struve with an uppercut during an aggressive combination of punches.

Wisely Struve decides it’s time to get the striker to the mat and grabs a guillotine choke and drags Barry down. At first Barry defends correctly, moving to side control, but he’s in deep waters here and Struve knows it, switching to a triangle choke and quickly locking it in.

Barry attempts to power out of it, raising Struve up of the canvas and then blasting him back down to the mat, but Struve stays calm, braces himself for the impact and keeps the choke locked in while simultaneously also going for an armbar, leaving Barry with no choice but to tap out.

Overall this wasn’t the best striking display from Struve who’s still struggling to use his reach effectively, but he’s undoubtedly a skilled BJJ proponent and that came to his rescue here.

As for Bary, unfortunately this is going to keep happening until such times as he gets his notoriously weak ground game up to speed.