Strikeforce: Henderson Vs Babalu – TV Ratings

The ratings are in for Saturday night’s Strikeforce: Henderson Vs Babalu 2 event, and show that an average of 341,000 tuned into Showtime to witness what would prove to be one of the most entertaining cards of the year.

The show peaked with 465,000 viewers during the main event which saw Dan Henderson get his first win as a Strikeforce fighter with a first round KO over ‘Babalu’ Sobral.

The figures put the event slightly behind Octobers Diaz Vs Noons 2 event which drew an average of 350,000 viewers, peaking with 509,000, and leaves it 4th out of the 6 ‘arena’ events the promotion has held in 2010.

Given the solid match-ups and action packed nature of the fights it’s a little disappointing that there wasn’t a bigger audience, but it’s worth bearing in mind that Strikeforce were going head-to-head with the UFC’s live TUF 12 finale event which was always going to make life difficult.

Due to word-of-mouth regarding the quality of the fights and in particular the finishes it’s likely that subsequent replays and DVR recordings should be strong.

Showtime also acted swiftly to produce a highlights package of the event which was uploaded to YouTube and has already garnered close to 90,000 views.


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