Strikeforce: Henderson Vs Feijao To Air On PPV In The UK

After securing the rights to show Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Grand-Prix on pay-per-view in the UK, the ‘Primetime Live’ channel have also revealed that Strikeforce’s next major event will be on PPV as well.

Strikeforce: Henderson vs Feijao airs on March 5th, and Primetime announced on Monday that UK customers can buy the event for £9.95.

The event can then be watched either on Sky at Channel 480, or via an online stream on the night with repeats shown the next day.

The news indicates that for the time being Strikeforce are content to test out the pay-per-view concept in the UK rather than get the promotion back on free TV.

It’ll be interesting to see how this fares as a stand-alone event. Though Primetime are keeping the sales figures close to their chest, there seemed to be a certain level of interest amongst hardcore fans for the Heavyweight GP on PPV due to the fact it was a high profile event, and Primetime were offering all four events for a cut-down price of £25 (£6.25 per event).

Individual shows for £9.95 airing at 3am in the morning are likely to be an even tougher sell though in a region that is not accustomed to paying to watch MMA.


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