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Strikeforce Plays Starring Role In UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Shields Ep.1

Last night during the premiere of UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Shields there was yet more evidence of the crumbling barriers between the UFC and Strikeforce thanks to the recent Zuffa takeover.

During the episode Jake Shields is shown at the side of his team-mates, Strikeforce lightweight and welterweight champions Gilbert Melendez and Nick Diaz who were both competing at the Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Daley event.

Earlier this year if this had happened then we would have heard and seen very little about it on the Primetime show since the UFC and Strikeforce were rivals, but with the two promotions now operating under the same roof the event played a starring role.

Not only did we get to see Shields and UFC President Dana White attending the fight, but there was also highlights and a quick recap of both the Diaz Vs Daley and Melendez Vs Kawajiri fights.

It was a nice touch, and provides the kind of invaluable exposure that Strikeforce could only have dreamed about just a few short months ago, while also helping to raise the profile of the two worthy champions.

As the barriers continue to crash down between the two promotion’s, the hope now will be that it’s not long before we see the first crossover fights between the UFC and Strikeforce.

In the mean time, UFC 129’s headline fight between current UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre, and the former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields, who vacated his title to join the sports leading promotion, will certainly whet our appetite for what may be to come.

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