Marloes Coenen tonight handed Sarah Kaufman her first defeat and claimed the woman’s 135lb championship as a result.

In the early stages of the fight Coenen was getting the better of the stand-up exchanges, but was losing the frequent battles in the clinch to Kaufman who was clearly the stronger of the two.

The real action came in the third though when Coenen took Kaufman to the floor but quickly found herself on her back with Kaufman raining down blows.

This was a good position for Coenen though who is known as ‘The Female Rickson’ for her submission prowess, and she demonstrated that by catching Kaufman in an armbar and forcing the tap.

Unfortunately Kaufman tapped quickly but the referee was late in stepping in and it was obvious afterwards that the former champion was in significant pain.  Coenen then apologized on the mike for not letting go sooner, saying she didn’t realize.

So Coenen becomes a worthy winner of the 135lb belt and takes her career record to 18-4, while Kaufman crashes to her first ever defeat, leaving her at 12-1.

Next up for Coenen is tournament winner Meisha Tate in what should be another quality match-up.