Strikeforce’s Cung Le Wants To Fight At UFC 139 In San Jose

One of the most exciting and spectacular strikers in all of MMA, Sanshou kickboxer Cung Le has become synonymous with Strikeforce where he’s spent his entire MMA career, going 7-1 and at one stage being the promotion’s middleweight champion before giving up the belt to focus on starring in movies.

Despite his ties to the company, in a new interview with MMAWeekly Le admits that at the age of 39 and with his movie career taking off, the only way he’s going to continue fighting is if it’s on the sports biggest stage.

“I know for a fact that if I do fight again it’s going to be in the UFC because I’ve never fought for the UFC, so I would love to fight for the UFC…but right now because of my contract with Showtime and Strikeforce…hopefully things can work out because there’s a show in San Jose [UFC 139] that Cain Velasquez is going to main event and I’d love to fight in San Jose for the UFC, for Dana White and Lorenzo [Fertitta]. If it happens – great, I’m training now. If it doesn’t I’m going to be in good shape for my next movie.”

It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this. Dana White is known to be a fan of Le’s and gets on well with him so it’s not completely out of the question. Le has also always been a big draw in San Jose where he is based, producing several big crowds for Strikeforce over the years which is also in his favor.

For Le it’s clear that MMA is no longer his main focus however, and it’s questionable whether the UFC would want to go to the trouble of getting him out of his Strikeforce contract and then have to play second fiddle to his acting roles and only have him fight once again as he has been lately.

There’s no doubt he would be a fun addition to the roster though. Check out more of Le’s interview below as he talks about his upcoming movie roles.



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