Sylvester Stallone Praises Randy Couture On Letterman Show

Expect to see a lot of Randy Couture talk over the next few weeks as the UFC hall-of-famer gets set for a busy month in which he’ll appear on the big screen as part of the all-star cast in ‘The Expendables’, and then later fight boxing legend James Toney at UFC 118.

Last night Couture’s name came up when ‘The Expendables’ writer, directer and star Sylvester Stallone he appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman.

Stallone was asked who he thought was the toughest man on the set. That could have been a tricky question to answer given that the film does feature a who’s who of Hollywood action heroes, from Stallone himself to Arnold Schwarzenneger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin and Mickey Rourke.

Stallone had no hesitation on who was the top dog though.

Letterman: “Who else is in it? A lot of tough guys?”

Stallone: “You’ve got Randy Couture, a six-time world champion.”

Letterman: “Six-time world champion mixed martial arts guy. These guys are dangerous, aren’t they?”

Stallone: “You know what? They don’t know their own strength. Randy kept air-mailing people. We shot in an old fort with solid brick walls, and I would notice these stunt men hitting the walls, and finally, they were begging me, ‘Don’t let him touch me anymore. I can’t take it. I’m so beat up I can’t breathe.’ Steve Austin is a tough guy but he was going, ‘Please, take me out.'”

Letterman: “They’re the real deal.”

Stallone: “Someone asked me, ‘You put all these tough guys, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, in a room together, who comes out?’ If you walked in 10 minutes later you’d see Randy Couture sitting on topof us having a chocolate fudge sundae.”

Letterman: “He’s the real deal.”

Watch the interview for yourselves below.

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