Tarec Saffiedine Comfortably Defeats Scott Smith

In the opening fight of the Strikeforce: Fedor Vs Henderson main card Tarec Saffiedine faced few problems as he cruised relatively comfortably to victory over Scott Smith.

This was a good performance from Saffiedine who used his superior speed and movement to steer clear of Smith’s own endevours to land one of his trademark bombing punches, and was able to get in and out with combinations of punches and kicks throughout the 15 minutes.

Smith showed his grit by surviving a few big shots, including a head kick in the second round that stiffened his legs and was shortly followed by a combination of strikes close the fence that had him in trouble.

While he survived that onslaught he never looked the same afterwards and in truth even before that he didn’t ever really look like he was in the fight.

Saffiedine continued to be patient though despite appearing to rock Smith with further head kicks in the fight, cautious of Smith’s reputation for unexpected come-from-behind victories.

Smith made it to the final bell but there was no doubt about the winner and Saffiedine’s hand was raised after the judges gave him the nod, 30-26, 30-27×2.


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