Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung produced a ‘Fight Of The Year’ in 2010, but in the 2011 rematch it was a spectacular submission that everyone would remember.

The first round started far more cautiously than their first encounter, with both men staying at range and only occasionally moving in for brief and relatively even exchanges, perhaps just edged by Garcia.

Later in the round Garcia suddenly decided to revert to type and bombed forward with haymakers, but The Korean Zombie countered with a takedown and then fished unsuccessfully for an armbar.

Garcia managed to scramble back to his feet but was then met with two knees which forced him to drop back down to the mat against the cage, where Jung moved to full mount and then seized his back just as the bell sounded.

On to round two and The Zombie is the aggressor, pushing the pace and generally looking busier than Garcia who seems to be attempting to be patient and counter-strike.

Things heat up when Jung lands a hard uppercut which Garcia acknowledges with a nod and smile, only to then find his opponent launching at him with a flying knee.

Beckoning Garcia in for more, both men go for high kicks and ‘Bad Boy’ gets knocked to his back. The Zombie doesn’t give him a chance to get back up and before long has his back.

He then locks down one leg, fires some elbows at Garcia’s head and then yanks his right arm behind him, putting himself in the perfect position to pull off an extremely rare ‘Twister’ submission, cranking on his neck to force the tap with just one second left in the round.

It’s a spectacular way to end the fight with a submission that to my recollection has never been performed in the Octagon, but most importantly for Jung, it’s a win on his UFC debut after back-to-back losses last year in the WEC.

If there’s any justice he’ll also be enjoying a ‘Submission Of The Night’ award, and don’t be surprised if sales of the already popular Korean Zombie t-shirt pick up once again!

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