In the latest in Alistair Overeem’s ongoing ‘The Reem’ documentary series we’re treated to a recap of the heavyweight star’s career as told by the man himself.

It’s a fun trip back in time that covers many of his biggest fights, including both the triumphs and the heartaches he’s had along the way.

Towards the end he talks about what comes next.

“I’ve had a lot of achievements, a lot of fights all over the world and in many different organizations. What keeps me going? What is my drive, what is my motivation? Well I love to fight. There’s just still a lot of achievements which I wanna get. There’s the DREAM title, there’s the K-1 title and ultimately the UFC title…and of course I’m making money!”

Be sure to check out the full 15 minute video below.

The career of Alistair Overeem from THE REEM on Vimeo.