The UFC Will Not Be Counter-Programming Strikeforce’s CBS Event

The lack of official news over the last few days made it apparent, and today it was confirmed officially that the UFC will not be counter-programming Strikeforce’s CBS event on April 17th with a live event of their own.

The news comes from via a Spike TV source who say that the UFC have informed the station that they have reversed their decision to hold an event on the 17th.

It’s not a surprising decision since it has become apparent to anyone familiar with the UFC’s roster that they would have had significant difficulties putting together a solid main card for such as a show given the number of stars who are already scheduled to fight over the next few months during a particularly busy period for the promotion.

At the same time it would not come as a great shock if it turned out that the UFC were never 100% serious about putting on an event in the first place and were simply ‘flexing their muscles’ to remind everyone who is the king of the hill, and keep Strikeforce guessing as to what was going to happen.

As it is I believe we could still see some form of counter-programming from the UFC, but with a previously aired event as they have done in the past rather than a brand-new one.


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