UK fans who are used to watching live UFC events on ESPN UK should be aware that next Saturday’s TUF season 12 finale will instead be airing on Sky Sports 3.

Sky Sports online schedule features the event airing live starting at 2am. Meanwhile ESPN UK’s schedule reveals it’ll be airing college football live at the same time.

The show features the final of this season’s show to establish the next Ultimate Fighter, plus supporting bouts featuring established stars such as Stephan Bonnar Vs Igor Pokrajac and Demian Maia Vs Kendall Grove.

Sky Sports bought the rights to air The Ultimate Fighter starting with season 12, a move which Zuffa celebrated as an opportunity to broaden the promotion’s reach in the UK. The catch however was that most UFC fans were already on-board with Sky Sports biggest rival ESPN UK who air all the UFC’s major events live.

The fact that those fans would now have to subscribe to another premium channel to watch the latest season infuriated many, and the latest news that even the live finale will be off-limits to those without Sky Sports is likely to do the same.

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  1. It’s outrageous that dead keen UFC fans are being forced to miss the TUF series and finale. The UFC should decide which single channel will air their events in the UK and stick to it !!

  2. As an ESPN subscriber who essentially only subscribed to the UFC for the promise of “EXCLUSIVE” rights to “ALL” UFC events, I’m extremely angry about this, not because its a huge event or anything, but because of what Phil says above, it sets a precident and will almost certainly lead to the UFC screwing over its current fanbase in the UK and moving over to SKY exclusively in the new year.

  3. A full switch to SKY wouldn’t happen next year – the UFC still have an on-going contract with ESPN UK for the time being.

    When the contract comes up for renewal though I think there’s a good chance the live events could move to SKY. If that’s the case I just hope they don’t mess around with putting it on pay-per-view.

  4. ufc are idiots want to make up there mind we are paying for espn to watch events now you put them on sky sports witch i dont have and wont be purchasing it neither already paid for espn why should we pay 2 just to watch the house on once in a while and you f*** your loyal fans on an event to get a little show on sky sports f*** the ufc i cancel them both you lost 1 uk fan here for sure and i hope many more follow that will give them a kick in the balls greed

  5. i agree cancel them and F*** them they jus trying to get more money not more uk fan base will not buy sky either its