The Ultimate Fighter 17 Episode 2: TV Ratings

The ratings are in for TUF 17’s second episode and show that an average of 1.27 million viewers tuned in to Tuesday night’s episode on FX.

That’s down 240,000 viewers from the premiere last week, while also dropping from an 0.9 rating to a 0.7 for adults 18-49.

Some kind of a ratings drop was anticipated as this is pretty standard for the show in the past after the opening episode so there’s no need to ring the alarm just yet.

However, it is important that the ratings start to level out from here. A fluctation of 100,000 from week-to-week from this point onwards would be ok, but a consistent downward slump as was seen during the last season on FX would be bad news for the show, particularly now that it’s placed on a primetime Tuesday night slot.

Overall the numbers from the first couple of weeks suggest that the latest season of TUF isn’t going to be a home run for the UFC and is still going to be down on the kind of ratings they experienced on Spike TV in years gone by, but it still has the potential to at least outdo the previous two seasons on FX and help steady the ship.

TUF 17 Episode 1: 1.51 million
TUF 17 Episode 2: 1.27 million


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