The Ultimate Fighter: Live Episode 5 – TV Ratings

The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Live drew an average of 1 million viewers this past Friday night on the FX channel.

While that’s a small increase from the 947,000 who tuned in last week it’s still one of the lowest ever audiences in the history of the TUF show.

Interestingly, this week’s episode wasn’t counterprogrammed by Spike TV who so far this season had been airing re-runs of old episodes of TUF at the same time. Instead they aired the movie ‘Rambo III’ and that helped them draw 796,000 viewers, up significantly from the 408,000 they pulled last week.

  • TUF Live Episode 1: 1.28 million viewers
  • TUF Live Episode 2: 1.1 million viewers
  • TUF Live Episode 3: 1.2 million viewers
  • TUF Live Episode 4: 947,000 viewers
  • TUF Live Episode 5: 1 million viewers


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