The Ultimate Fighter Season 11: Five Minute Video Preview

The Ultimate Fighter returns for it’s 11th season on Wednesday night on Spike TV, and in anticipation of the popular show the UFC have released the first five minutes of the season opener as a taster of what’s to come.

The biggest difference from previous TUF seasons that’s apparent in the clip is the new training center which the fighters have access to. It looks far bigger than the previous one and is stacked with the latest equipment so the fighters will have no excuses for turning up for their fights out-of-shape!

Another difference is the format of the fights as Dana White explains to the new batch of fighters.

‘”We’re going to have a wild card,” he reveals. “What that means is there’s 28 of you guys; 14 of you will get into the house. After the first seven preliminary fights, the coaches and I will choose two guys who we think deserve a second shot. Those two guys will take each other on. The winner will get the eighth spot in the quarterfinals.”

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