The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Returns To UK TV On FIVE USA

Last year Ultimate Fighter Season 10 aired on FIVE USA in the UK, and it has now been confirmed that TUF 11 will also be shown on the freeview station.

Season 11 gets underway in the US on Spike TV tonight, with Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz serving as the coaches, and UK viewers can see the premiere on Saturday night at 11pm on FIVE USA.

It’s good news for the UK’s growing MMA fan base, though personally I would like to see the program airing closer to the U.S shows as thanks to the internet the results and major story-lines are generally old news by the time Saturday comes around.

Also, If you missed UFC 111 featuring the UK’s Dan Hardy then you’ll want to tune in to FIVE on Sunday, April 11th at 11.55pm when both the headline bout between Hardy and GSP, plus the co-main event starring Shane Carwin and Frank Mir will be replayed.


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