The Voice Of PRIDE, Lenne Hardt Won’t Be In UFC Undisputed 3

MMA gaming fans are currently buzzing about the addition of a new ‘PRIDE’ mode to the forthcoming installment of the ‘UFC Undisputed’ series which hits stores early next year.

Unfortunately while the look of the legendary Japanese will be authentic down to the original ring, stadiums and eye-catching entrances, one crucial piece of the PRIDE puzzle will be missing – the voice of Lenne Hardt.

Hardt’s unique delivery in announcing the fighters on the way to the ring was an integral part of the PRIDE experience for any true fan, but sadly it seems that THQ aren’t going to use her, but instead will use an impersonator.

“I just heard they have someone that is attempting to sound like me,” MiddleEasy quote Hardt as saying. “No greater form of flattery than imitation, they say! Feel free to protest this infringement on my trademark style if you wish!!!!

That’s pretty weak, though it could be that due to Hardt having lended her voice to the rival ‘EA Sports MMA’ title that they weren’t able to sign her up to be a part of UFC Undisputed 3.

Good luck to whoever gets to mimic Hardt, sounds like a mission impossible to me.


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