Papy Abedi came out for his UFC debut dancing with a cigar in his mouth, but Thiago Alves gave him a rude awakening when they finally met in the Octagon.

Abedi looked happy to stand and trade with the dangerous Brazilian in the early stages despite Alves landing some of his trademark kicks hard to the legs and body, and he did look threatening himself as he threw powerful hands in retaliation.

As the round passed the half-way mark Alves suddenly had Abedi rocked with a clipping right hand followed by a left to the chin that left his legs all-at-sea and dropped him to the canvas.

Alves swarmed on him with a series of punches that left the still dazed Abedi’s face bloodied. In an attempt to get out of the firing line Abedi turned to his back and Alves immediately pounced on a rear-naked choke, with the tap following almost immediately.

All in all a very good showing from Alves that serves as a reminder that he still deserves to be fighting amongst the elite competitors at 170lbs.  This also marks only the second submission victory of his 27 fight career.