Thiago Alves Speaks Out About The Results Of His CAT Scan

After hearing the frightening and potentially career-threatening news that an abnormality had been found in his CAT scan you could forgive Thiago Alves for being down-hearted, but the Brazilian fighter appeared to be up-beat when he spoke with reporters about the situation.

I’m sure I don’t have nothing…I mean we’re fighters, we don’t have much going on inside our heads anyway,” he joked.  “I feel healthy, I’ve never gotten knocked out before or anything like that.”

Alves believes it may be either a mis-reading of the scan (he points out that he’s had scans before and nothing have shown up), or perhaps simply that the boxing commission did not have enough time to go over the results properly and so erred on the side of caution by not clearing him to fight on Saturday.

“The boxing commission here in New Jersey, they are really particular, you know they are really special.  They do things that no other commission does,” Alves said, noting that he has had problems in the past in New Jersey getting cleared to fight for medical issues completely unrelated to his current problem.

It would be great news if Alves is correct and there is nothing seriously wrong with him.  Until he gets his scans thoroughly checked over by a specialist however we can only hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed for him.

If he is cleared then Alves says that UFC officials will try to reschedule his bout with Jon Fitch for as soon as possible.

Watch Alves talking to reporters about his situation, courtesy of Yahoo Sports


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