The relative success of the WEC’s first event on pay-per-view last month has given the promotion a welcome boost, and it now seems likely that it won’t be the last time they’ll pursue such a strategy.

“We had a number internally we were [aiming] for, and we far exceeded that according to the early estimates,” the WEC’s general manager Reed Harris told today.

While they are not expected to announce those figures officially, WEC 48: Aldo Vs Faber is estimated to have pulled in around 150,000 -200,000 buys. Reports prior to the event suggested that aprox 75,000 was required for the show to break-even.

Harris now suggests that the next WEC event to feature on pay-per-view could appear before the end of the year, with a longer term goal being to provide three such events on PPV per year.

“I don’t think that would be something we couldn’t attain,” he says.

I wouldn’t disagree with him that this is a reasonable goal to aim for in the longer term, though it’s still early days so it’s something that has to be looked at on an event-by-event basis.

The important thing is that they don’t rush their next major event.  Patience is a virtue here, and due to the limited star-power that the promotion possesses it would be wise to hold off until some genuinely compelling match-ups present themselves.