With a mixture of solid wrestling and a determined attitude Tim Kennedy well-rounded skills, was able to overcome Robbie Lawler at Strikeforce: Fedor Vs Henderson.

The first round was fairly close, with Lawler getting the better of the early exchanges on the feet as Kennedy hunted for a takedown, but as the round progressed the military veteran began to find his mark, and late in the round he found himself in side control and then to the mount, though Lawler managed to escape back to his feet before taking too much punishment.

Onto the second and it’s much the same story as Kennedy looks for the takedown while Lawler tries to counter with big shots. To an extent both were successful in that regard with Kennedy eventually managing to get him down, but takes a big uppercut in the process that leaves him bleeding heavily from the bridge of his nose.

Kennedy doesn’t let that slow him down however and pushes the action from top control to secure the round in his favor.

In the final round Kennedy looks to be tiring and perhaps having some difficulty breathing out of his nose. That limits his takedown attempts and sees him switch to fighting defensively on his feet, giving Lawler a chance to capitalize.

Whether he was tired himself or not Lawler himself was struggling to pull the trigger however and never made a big push to snatch the victory away from his opponent. Instead Kennedy managed to count down the clock and then swooped in for a late takedown to seal the deal.

And so with a solid display Kennedy earns himself a unanimous decision win, 30-27 on all three judges scorecards.