Tim Sylvia Easily Defeats World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski

There was a lot of hype surrounding five time World Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski heading into this evening’s fight at Moosin: Gods Of Martial Arts, but in the end Tim Sylvia showed that muscles and strength are no substitute for skill, experience and stamina in MMA.

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It was clear from the opening minute of the fight that Pudzianowski was not interested in standing with the former UFC champion and quickly attempted to take him down. Though he was able to so briefly it was no easy task Sylvia quickly made it back to his feet. Pudzianowski appeared to expend a lot of energy in the takedown attempt and as with his previous fight he was already visibly tiring just minutes into the bout.

Meanwhile Sylvia showed his experience by quickly adjusting to counteract the Pole’s strategy and as the round progressed he found success with his strikes, particularly thanks to some vicious knees from the muay thai clinch. Sylvia was in complete control as the round pushed towards a conclusion, while Pudzianowski already looked a spent force.

‘The Maine-iac’ came out for round two looking confident and again found that his opponent had no answer for knees strikes from the clinch. Running on empty and being picked apart on his feet, the fight appeared to completely drain from Pudzianowski as he suddenly dropped onto his back in the middle of the cage. Sylvia quickly capitalized by moving to side control and raining down blows, at which point Pudzianowski decided he’d had enough and tapped out.

In the end the fight went exactly how it should have. Realistically after two fights Pudzianowski should not have been allowed to step into the cage with a far more experienced fighter such as Sylvia. It was evident in his first two MMA fights that he was not ready for such a challenge, but the hype train was already in full effect, and Pudzianowski appeared to be on-board.

Of course some may point to the meteoric rise of Brock Lesnar to the UFC heavyweight title as a precedent for the push that the Pole was given to compete at this level, but the difference is that Lesnar was not only a freak of nature physically, but also a top level amateur wrestler which as we’ve seen many times over the years is the perfect base for MMA competition.

Pudzianowski has no such skill-set to fall back on – he is simply a huge physical specimen, and in many ways his muscular physique is too his detriment when it comes to cardio which is absolutely crucial in mixed martial arts.

One thing we did discover about the Worlds Strongest Man is that he does have a chin. At the same time though that is somewhat counteracted by the fact that he tapped out to strikes, perhaps indicating that he does not have the heart to fight once the going gets tough.

As for Sylvia, this was a nice opportunity for him to publicly turn over a new chapter in his career in a fight that had attracted significant fan and media attention.

His weight is still an issue though and if he is serious about making his way back to a bigger promotion then he needs to make an effort to get back down to closer to 265lbs again and put together wins against tougher opposition than this.


  1. i have been a drug free bodybuilder for years but always believed in fitness training as well for complete health and strenght. i’m not a cage fighter but started in different combat sports way before doing any weight training and have used these combat skills many times in real situations and self defence to good effect. many strong men i know just pump themselves up full of drugs and neglect fitness, also many have no basic boxing or wrestling skills and think that they can fight cus their big and strong, wrong! silva proved you dont need big muscles or freaky strength to fight and pudzianowski’s strength didnt look that great or help him against a resisting opponent. lifting weights and logs is 1 thing but weights and logs dont fight back. if im right i do believe that pudzianoski is a black belt in kick boxing. he should go back to his kick boxing organization and ask for his money back.too many big strong men walk around like they are really hard and i get sick of it. even big power lifters i know and sometimes train with think that they are invincible or something because they are strong.

  2. Good post Darren, I completely agree with you.

    Regarding his kickboxing skills – it’s true that he claims to have experience in both that and karate, but honestly I see no real evidence of it in the way he fights. He doesn’t appear to know even the basic fundamentals of striking.

    He’s blamed the loss on his cardio, and to an extent that’s true, but even with a full tank of gas Sylvia was still going to have the same kind of success in the striking and the muay thai clinch.


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