Tim Sylvia Knocks Out Paul Buentello; Pedro Rizzo Next

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia claimed a win over another UFC veteran Paul Buentello at the PWP: ‘War On The Mainland’ event tonight.

Sylvia controlled the action for much of the fight, pressing Buentello into the corners of the ring and using his size advantage to wear him down while consistently landing knees to his midsection.  The two did trade leather at times in the center of the ring as well though, and it was fairly even, with Buentello using his speed advantage, while Sylvia was happy to keep him at bay with straight punches.

Towards the end of the second round Sylvia started to find success with leg kicks which were visibly taking a toll on Buentello.  Sylvia followed up once such kick with a left and right combination against the ropes followed quickly by a crunching uppercut which sent ‘The Headhunter’ crashing to the canvas, and with just three seconds of the round remaining the fight was over.

This was a solid KO win for Sylvia who is now finally starting to put a little distance between himself and the ugly series of losses between 2008-2009 that severely dented his credibility.  While Buentello isn’t a world beater, he’s still a durable opponent who’s tough to finish and was competing in the UFC less than six months previously.

After the fight it was announced that next up for Sylvia would be another fighter who made a name for himself in the UFC, Pedro Rizzo who recently enjoyed a comfortable first round victory over Ken Shamrock in Australia.

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