Ahead of his bout with five time ‘World’s Strongest Man’ winner Mariusz Pudzianowski at the Moosin: Gods Of MMA event tonight, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia weighed in at 305lbs.

That’s just 5lbs lighter than when he was knocked out in 9 seconds by boxer Ray Mercer last year. It’s also some 40lbs heavier than his days in the UFC.

As you’ll see from the picture below he didn’t exactly cut an impressive figure on the scales.

Meanwhile his opponent weighed in at a muscular 273lbs.

Of course physique isn’t everything – as I discussed last night in the preview for this bout, Pudzianowski has already demonstrated that he lacks cardio, but still, it’s an indication that Sylvia is not taking this bout seriously, which is curious given that this is a must-win fight.

To my mind it’s a bad move by Sylvia.  After being soundly beaten in three of his last four bouts the 34 year-old has become something of a laughing-stock in the MMA community.

With the likes of the UFC, Strikeforce and DREAM not exactly hammering down his door to fight for them he needs to rebuild his reputation the hard way.  In that regard the Pudzianowski fight is perfect.  Sylvia is more skilled and more experienced than the Pole, and on paper this should be a fight that he emerges victorious from.  It’s also a fight that’s attracted significant attention from fans and media, giving Sylvia the perfect platform to show that he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Even if he wins though, turning up at a doughy 305lbs does not give off the image of a fighter who has learned from his mistakes and is serious about returning to the big leagues.  If he’s not trained properly then he’s opening up the possibility of something going wrong here, and a loss tonight would likely be the final nail in his career coffin.

If that’s the case then he’ll have nobody but himself to blame as this is a fight that he should be winning comfortably.

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