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Tito Ortiz And Jamie Yager Twitter Battle Proves To Be False Alarm

During last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 11 Jamie Yager failed to answer the bell for the third round of his quarter-final fight with Josh Bryant, despite pleas from both his team-mates and coach Tito Ortiz to not give up.

Not long afterwards Yager is taken to hospital for a check-up (in which it’s ascertained that no major damage has been sustained)  while Ortiz is shown in the dressing room criticizing the fighter, saying that if you don’t have heart you shouldn’t be in this business.

After the episode aired on Spike TV it appeared as if Yager did not take kindly to his coaches comments, as a series of derogatory remarks were fired at Ortiz from a twitter account believed to belong to the fighter.

Later on Ortiz responded angrily though stopped short of returning fire with both barrels.  That was probably just as well as it turned out that we had all been duped and Yager’s supposed messages had in fact come from a hoax account as the fighter himself later clarified on his real account.

See how it all went down below…

Jamie Yager (Hoax account):

“F*ck you pussy I didt know you called me that,look in the the mirror you coward you can’t even face Chuck bitch, he will ko again”

“you talk your sh*t behind peoples back you two face coward wannabe brown pride”

“titoortiz likes to hit women cause he can’t fight Chuck”

“He likes talking sh*t about his balls when he gets mad , WHAT BALLS F*GBOY”


“not one time did I hear him complain about his neck not once”

“then F*gboy wants us to sponcer his sh*t f*ck him bitch boy, hiting a women i wasent going to get into this but it’s on now”

“pussy even wanted us to wear hiks lame ass shorts what a lil bitch”

“I knew I smelled something when I met that fool PUSSY”

After that tirade Ortiz finally responded back several hours later.

Tito Ortiz:

“its funny how u can talk sh*t on here! But u can do a signing at my booth for ufc expo. bridge burnt!”

“he seen the show last week and I talk to him after he watchded it. Crazy how two faced he is. Oh well just trying to help him.”

Jamie Yager (Real Account):

“on the show when uscola and others where talking sh*t about titos training i backed him up, if i ride with you….imma ride all the way out”

“i dont agree with what tito said on the show, my neck was fucked up and i had muscle damage but thank god theres no serious injury”

“i also went into that fight with as broken hand so ask tito if i was a pussy about that”

So it seems to be just another internet hoax…or is it? Some people are still hanging on to the theory that the fake account was indeed Yager’s, pointing to the fact that Yager’s own management linked to the supposedly ‘fake’ account.

Both Yager and his management continue to deny that it’s his account though, and unless more concrete proof that it’s him arises it’s only right to take them at their word.

*Article updated to include hoax information and Jamie Yager’s official comments*

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