Tito Ortiz Has Lit A Fire Under Chuck Liddell

In recent times Tito Ortiz has made some controversial comments regarding Chuck Liddell’s lifestyle, suggesting that he was at one stage an alcoholic before refocusing on his comeback in the UFC.

Since then a number of people who know Liddell well, including UFC President Dana White and WEC General Manager Reed Harris have refuted those allegations.

Despite that it’s clear that Liddell is not best pleased with Ortiz, who he is currently coaching opposite in the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter which is currently being filmed in Las Vegas.

“I was taking it as a tune up fight,” Liddell told MMAfighting in regards to his forthcoming bout with Ortiz which will take place after the current season of the show has aired on television. “I mean I knocked the guy out twice, what is there to get motivated for, but now I’m gonna try to kill him so – good job Tito, good job!”

Now 40 years old Liddell also makes it clear that he still has a passion for fighting and can’t wait to get back in the octagon.

“I’m very excited, I’m pumped and ready to go,” he says enthusiastically. “Like I said, he’s lit a fire under me – he’s going to get hurt.”

Watch the full interview below:


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