Tito Ortiz Has The Hunger Back Again As He Returns To Training

In a new video blog ex-UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz speaks about his return to training after successful neck surgery earlier in the year.

“My body hasn’t felt this sore in so f*cking long. I’m chest, my arms, my back, my legs. Two things that don’t hurt though – my lower back and my neck – thank god!” Ortiz says as he warms up for a training session.

Ortiz expects the muscle pain he’s experiencing after returning to the gym after a long layoff to subside in the next couple of weeks, and notes that he’s not been drinking or partying which should help speed up his battle back to full fitness.

If all goes well Ortiz hopes to fight for five more years and says he’s looking forward to getting back into the octagon.

“I’m excited, I’m pumped. I just feel I’ve got the hunger back again. My back’s pressed against the wall, I got the UFC and Dana [White] backing me now, and it’s nice to have positive reinforcement behind me with my family and with the UFC and with Dana, so it’s going to be like old times when I was the champ again.”

Since the video was shot it’s been confirmed that Ortiz will fight Matt Hamill at UFC 121 in October.

Watch Ortiz full video blog entry below.


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