Tito Ortiz Launches Verbal Tirade At Josh Koscheck

Prior to his fight with GSP, welterweight star Josh Koscheck appeared to have a bone to pick with former light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, even going as far as to say he wanted to fight him next.

In a recent interview with MMAConnected a clearly annoyed Ortiz dismissed the fighter jibes.

“Why would I want to give this guy any attention?” Ortiz Questions. “I couldn’t care less about Sideshow Bob.”

And he had some words of advice for the fighter after he lost in his bid to take the 170lb belt from GSP earlier this month.

“Guy, go and win a world title then you can talk smack. And you can’t even do that, you can’t even win a round, let alone a world title.”

“…Until that happens – shut your face.  No one wants to hear from his pie hole.  If he wants to be the bad boy, win some fights.”

Watch Ortiz entire rant below…


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