With his UFC career on the line tonight Tito Ortiz showed why he’s survived for this long in the sport by pulling off a shock win over Ryan Bader.

After a brief feeling out process Ortiz pressed forward and landed a short, hard right uppercut that took Bader’s legs out from under him.

Following up with some ground and pound Ortiz then siezed a guillotine choke and dropped down to sink it in deep.

Bader tried to survive, but it was in deep and he was forced to tap out with just 1.56mins of the first round gone.

All credit to Ortiz here. No one really gave him a shot against the younger, stronger Bader, yet he dug deep and produced a win that not only gives him a stay of execution in terms of his UFC career, but in fact also gains him back a considerable amount of credibility given that Bader is considered one of the best up and coming light-heavyweight’s in the sport.

As for Bader, this was a big blow that leaves him two fights without a win, undoing a lot of the good work that came during his prior 12-0 unbeaten run.