Many fans were surprised recently when the UFC revealed that both heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee and TUF season 8 winner Efrain Escudero had been released from the promotion.

Even although both were coming off losses they had both shown enough in their time in the octagon that had led onlookers to believe that they still had a future with the UFC.

Yesterday UFC president Dana White revealed the real reason they had been cut, and it had to do more with their attitudes than their fighting abilities.

“The biggest problem I have with Todd Duffee is his attitude,” White told MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani yesterday. “You guys don’t see it, you don’t know. I deal with tons of guys, you know. We have hundreds of guys under contract. We’ve had thousands of guys under contract over the last ten years and Todd Duffee to met doesn’t seem like he wants to be in the UFC. He doesn’t like being in the UFC, you know. Let him go and fight in the smaller organizations and work his way back up if he even want’s to work his way back up and get back into the UFC.”

So clearly White isn’t Duffee’s biggest fan, and he wasn’t finished flaming him yet.

“He just came off a knockout, he got knocked out in his fight, and he’s got a horrible attitude – he’s got a horrible attitude. He can still go back and train and fight in these smaller leagues and work on his skills and attitude.”

While Escudero didn’t come under quite the same level of criticism from the UFC’s head honcho, he too appears to have been released due to an attitude problem.

“I think he got comfortable man, he came of the [TUF] show, he was doing all these huge all these huge media tours all throughout Mexico and everywhere else, Bud Light stamped all over him, and, you know, wasn’t performing.

When you come out and perform the way that he did, and you don’t make weight, just shows that your really not that serious about it, your not taking this as seriously as you should be.”

Watch Dana’s full pre-fight press conference interview with Helwani below.

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