Todd Duffee Reacts To His Knockout Loss To Mike Russow

Everything seemed to be going so well for the much hyped prospect Todd Duffee last night at UFC 114 as he dominated Mike Russow for the majority of the fight.

Anything can happen in the heavyweight division though, and indeed that proved to be the case as Russow landed a clean shot out of the blue that knocked out Duffee and handed him his first career loss.

Speaking the day after the fight on the popular UG forum where he frequently posts, Duffee explained the moments before and after the knockout in his own words.

“It was on the temple I felt the shot…it just shut down the cns system couldnt use my arms to catch my fall or anything i was watching everything till my head hit the canvas(which may have put me out)i blinked and he hit me with a hammer fist….the way i fell made it look much worse than it was…”

Duffee also expressed his disappointment at his strategy for the fight, despite having been well ahead on the scorecards and in little danger before being knocked out.

I wasn’t gassed i was more frustrated and trying to stick to the game plan should of threw that out after the first 30 seconds …my game plan was horrible……i wasn’t snapping punches instead i was muscling them shoudl of kicked should of grappled should of fought….I’ll be back and show I am more than capable of wrestling etc

Duffee remains humble in defeat, just as he had done when he won his previous fight in just seven seconds, and promised to come back stronger in the future.

thanks for the support and thanks to the people who helped me out sorry i let you down it will pay off in the long run.”



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