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Todd Duffee’s Manager Confirms Alistair Overeem Fight

It’s now all but official that former UFC fighter Todd Duffee will face Alistair Overeem on the New Year’s Eve Dynamite!! 2010 show in Japan.

Duffee’s manager Monte Cox confirmed the rumor that’s swept through the internet over the past couple of days in an interview with

“This is one of those opportunities that come around once in a lifetime,” Cox said of the fight.  “Todd isn’t 100% and there isn’t enough time to get 100% ready, but he felt like it was a dream come true to fight against one of the best, if not the best, heavyweights in the world.”

On paper it looks like a tough bout for Duffee who’s coming off a KO loss to Mike Russow in the UFC back in May, and only has seven fights in total, whereas Overeem has more Kickboxing bouts than that (14), never mind MMA fights (45).

Cox admits that he himself has reservations about the match-up.

“I’ll be honest, I argued against taking the fight. I’d rather he have time to prepare and be at full strength… but he was adamant that this was a special opportunity and he wasn’t going to pass on it and regret it later on. He said ‘I’m a fighter… this is what I do.’ How am I supposed to argue with that logic?”

One thing’s for certain, this bout is already generating the kind of buzz we haven’t felt for a Japanese show in quite some time, and has suddenly given Dynamite!! 2010 a genuine headliner to promote and turned this into a must-see event.

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