Todd Duffee’s Manager Reacts To His Fighter’s UFC Release

Since highly regarded heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee was mysteriously released from his UFC contract with no explanation yesterday fans have been wondering what exactly happened.

Hours after the story broke Duffee’s manager Alex Davis sent a text message to Sports Illustrated’s Josh Gross regarding the situation.

“Well, I’m not sure exactly what the problem or problems were.I tryed [sic] …hard to avoid, but Dana wasn’t listening. It unfortunate, but Todd’s an asset and he will keep fighting.  He is a young kid and get’s a lot of attention.”

Davis did confirm that Duffee would continue fighting however, while Gross stated that he believed that an “accumulation of things” led to his departure with his overall attitude being the main catalyst.

This isn’t overly surprising news given that Duffee’s behavior has been a little odd at times over the past few months.   For instance, back in May the 24 year-old appeared to react angrily to a twitter remark originating from the official UFC’s account.

UFC: “Dunno which is more awesome – @todd_duffee’s former title or his job at Dairy Queen”

Todd Duffee: “yo find yourself a new way to promote me I don’t find my misfortunes as funny as you might.  your sense of humor sucks.”

Needless to say aiming that kind of remark directly at the UFC wouldn’t have sat well with Dana White and Co.  Last month he raised more eyebrows on twitter when he claimed he was looking for work.

Todd Duffee: “looking for weekend job in denver tired of being completely broke ne suggestions?”

He later clarified that he was hoping for some kind of part-time job within MMA , such as refereeing.  Some suggested it could also have been an attempt to drum up some new sponsorship opportunities.

Whether the comments contributed to his downfall in the promotion or not is unclear at this stage but it’s perhaps telling that Duffee’s account has now been deleted.

Update: When Josh Gross first reported this story he claimed Duffee’s manager said that Duffee was, “an ass”.  A sheepish Gross today admitted that he had misread the text he had been sent, and in fact the message was that Duffee was, “an asset.” Oops!  We’ve altered the article accordingly.


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