Travis Browne won by KO tonight at UFC 130 with an impressive superman punch that toppled ‘The Skyscraper’ Stefan Struve.

The opening round was mainly fought on the feet and both men found some success with kicks, though Browne’s punches looked more dangerous than the Dutchman’s.

The fight briefly went to the floor in the middle of the round, with Browne on top, but Struve defended well and then managed to get out from under his opponent and then attempted to lock in a choke and couldn’t secure it.

And so it went back to the striking game in the final minute, and out of the blue Browne blasted forward with a superman punch just as Struve launched a kick.

The punch connectly cleanly and powerfully, toppling Struve awkwardly to the ground. The fight was as good as over here, but Browne managed to land a couple of extra blows before the referee stepped in to save the KO’d fighter.

This was just the kind of memorable ‘highlight reel’ KO that Browne needed to kickstart his UFC career, while for Struve it’s back to the drawing board and with his chin proving once again to be fairly fragile he really needs to work on his defense and range extensively to compete with the division’s biggest hitters.