Travis Browne Victorious Against Rob Broughton At UFC 135

Travis Browne secured a solid if not spectacular win over Rob Broughton tonight at UFC 135 to continue his ascent up the heavyweight ladder.

Browne’s height and reach proved to be a big advantage in this fight, with Broughton struggling to find his range throughout.

That left Browne to work in fairly comfortable fashion for much of the fight, landing heavy kicks and occasional punches from range for the first two rounds, while smartly utilizing takedowns towards the end of the rounds to score extra points with ground and pound.

By the third round Browne was tiring quickly though while Broughton seemed relatively fresh. As the Brit at last began to threaten more with his own strikes Browne made a sensible decision to take the fight to ground quickly rather than risk getting caught with something.

From there he was able to ride out much of the round relatively comfortably except for a late scare when Broughton went for a kimura and yanked his arm behind his back before Browne got out of danger.

And so Browne went on to secure the unanimous decision victory. Not the most exciting performance if truth be told and there were a few boos from the crowd in the later rounds, but he remains unbeaten nonetheless.


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