After a draw and then a loss in Strikeforce earlier this year Trevor Prangley looked to be on a downward spiral, but last night’s win over Keith Jardine puts him back on the map.

After the fight Prangley reflected on his performance and suggested that one of the first significant blows he landed in the fight may have had a big bearing on the outcome.

“I think what helped me out was catching him with that knee in the first and putting him down,” Prangley recalls to Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt.  “I think that kind of took him out of his gameplan a little bit.  I think they thought I was going to wrestle a lot, you know.  I know he’s hard to take down so I decided I’m not going to wrestle in this fight.  Maybe in the second or third, but definitely not in the first.”

That certainly appeared to take some of the wind out of Jardine’s sails in the first two rounds, but he came back strongly towards the end of the third, and Prangley admits things got a little dicey at that stage.

“He showed up in the last 30 (seconds).  I’m glad that guy wasn’t there from the first because man, he was like a frickin’ windmill dude, kept just coming, coming, coming.”

“It was a good way to finish it man,” he laughs, “I was unmarked until that point.  Now I got a swollen eye and a cut on my head.”

The late rally from Jardine wasn’t enough for him to claim victory however, and Prangley was delighted to have picked up a win over a big name opponent, admitting that the caliber of opponent he was facing had motivated him to train harder.

“It was exciting for me.  It was a fight that motivated me.  I got down there…all the guys at AKA (where he trains) were saying, ‘we haven’t seen you train this hard in years,’ you know what I mean, so I think this is a great springboard for me to go back onto my career.”

At the age of 38 Prangley is undoubtedly now in the twlight of his career, but for the fighter himself this win appears to have given him confidence that he still has what it takes to compete at a high level.

“I don’t care where I fight next, I’m just glad that I was able to prove to myself that I’m still worthy of being in their with the best,” he said.