In an interesting new behind-the-scenes video, we’re given an insight into the process that both UFC and Spike TV execs go through in order to pick fighters for the Ultimate Fighter reality show.

Filmed at the tryouts for the upcoming 13th season of the show, Dana White explains what they are looking for.

“We’re looking for guys who have experience, good records and can fight.”

Of those three key criteria, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva explains what holds the most value to him when assessing the hundreds of fighters that attempt to get on the long running program.

“I go heavily by records,” Silva says. “As a matchmaker I have to deal with athletic commissions, and if they see a guy who has too crummy of a record, they are not going to let him fight somebody who has a good record.

“It’s good to see what you can do on the mats, it’s good to see what you can do in the grappling, but if you have a great record I can be forgiving of what you do on the mats, and even if you look great on the mats and have a record of 0-10, it’s just not going to work.”

Craig Piligian, executive producer of the show, has a different agenda that also has to be taken into consideration.

“As a producer of reality television I’m looking at a whole different angle, I’m looking for guys that have a personality, that can pop. Because if you look at the guys in the UFC, like the Chuck Liddell’s, the Tito Ortiz, they’ve all got personalities. They all have something other than just fighting to offer, and it helps the sport.”

Overall though, there’s one over-riding goal in the selection process, as Silva explains.

“We’re looking for that raw talent that you get in with those great trainers, that they could be one day the UFC world champion.”

We’ll find out how well they’ve done their jobs when the new season begins on March 30th on Spike TV.

In the mean time, check out the footage from the tryouts below courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

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