TUF 14 Media Conference Call (Audio)

The UFC held a conference call for The Ultimate Fighter 14 earlier today with season coaches Michael Bisping and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller answering questions from the media.

During the call both fighters claimed to hate the other, but the interaction between the two suggested that there’s no deep-rooted resentment, with most of their verbal blows at each other appearing to be relatively playful.

Having said that both hinted that they do have altercations during the show. They also both backed up UFC president Dana White’s claims that the season is stacked with talented fighters and great fights.

Mayhem also suggested that some of the bigger name fighters who people may be expecting to do well didn’t make it into the house.

The former Strikeforce fighter also took a shot at Bisping’s coaching staff on the show, claiming that they were also-rans who he knew as he used to train with them, but had asked to move on as they weren’t good enough.

Bisping appears very confident that he’ll “wipe the floor” with Mayhem, and though he’s not convinced a win over him will be enough to earn a title shot he admits he does have his eye on current champion Anderson Silva and feels he matches up better with him than some of his other recent opponents.

Below you can find the full audio from the call courtesy of MMANation.


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