UFC 105 Post Fight Press Conference Footage

Many people have been keen to view the full UFC 105 post fight press conference from Saturday night, but so far it has proven hard to track down.

Until the full video emerges you might like to check out this hand-held footage from the conference courtesy of Fighters Only that shows Dana White giving his thoughts on the UK fans, and announcing the bonus awards for the evening.

Here’s a couple of the interesting quotes from the clip…

“The other thing that blows me away about tonight is how educated the crowd was here,” he said. “When guys get side control and the guy gets back in full guard they start cheering – very educated on the ground game, educated on the fights. It’s amazing how fast this country has come around.”

Many people had been surprised that Andre Winner did not win the $40,000 ‘Knockout Of The Night’ award after his spectacular overhand right felled Roli Delgado, and Dana White referenced the decision to give the award to Denis Siver at the conference.

“Andre I’m sorry, you were up for K.O of the night. We were battling back and forth but we got a little something for you too buddy so don’t worry about it.”


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