UFC 105 To Reach 400 Million Homes Across The Globe

One of the more interesting stats emerging from the UFC 105 pre-fight press conference came from Marshall Zelaznik, head of the UFC’s UK division.

“The fight will be seen in over 50 countries and territiories live, it  will eventually be seen in 130 countries and territories, and be available to 400 million homes around the world,” he said before adding, “I think this is a testament to how big this sport is getting and how international it is.”

It’s hard to argue with him, the numbers are impressive by anybodies standards, and with further plans to extend the reach of the UFC in other territories – including holding an event in Australia early in 2010 – the stats are only likely to increase in the future.

Zelaznik also noted that, “I am happy to report that UFC 105 has exceeded our expectations and it’s already sold more tickets and generated more revenue than UFC 70 (the UFC’s last event in Manchester, England).”

Watch the full UFC 105 pre-fight press conference at the UFC’s site: HERE


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