UFC 109 Prelim Show Receives Highest Ratings To Date On Spike TV

Since UFC 103 last year Spike TV have been showing two prelim fights prior to major UFC events live.

This was again the case for last weekend’s UFC 109 event, and the good news for both Spike and UFC execs is that the show received it’s highest ratings of the series so far with 1.7 million viewers tuning to see the preliminary bouts between Melvin Guillard and Ronys Torres, and Mac Danzig Vs Justin Buchholz.

The figure represented a 1.2 household rating, and a 1.6 rating for men between the ages of 18-49.

As we reported last week, the Countdown To UFC 109 show also received high ratings, believed to be due to Spike re-aring the UFC 107 event for free immediately before-hand.

It may well be that the increase in viewers that brought may also have had an effect on the number who then tuned into the prelims a week later.

Here is a full list of the ratings for the prelim shows on Spike TV to date:

  • UFC 103 (September 2009): 1.4 million viewers
  • UFC 104 (October 2009): 1.4 million viewers
  • UFC 106 (November 2009): 1.3 million viewers
  • UFC 108 (January 2010): 1.5 million viewers
  • UFC 109 (February 2010): 1.7 million viewers


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