While Strikeforce: Nashville was airing on CBS on Saturday night, the UFC were counter-programming them with a replay of their UFC 110 pay-per-view event on Spike TV.

That resulted in an average of 1.4 million viewers tuned into the broadcast.  Not too bad considering UFC 110 lacked major star power and fared relatively poorly on PPV.

As expected the replay did not beat Strikeforce’s live event on network TV which drew an average of 2.9 million, but in the crucial demographics breakdown UFC 110 earned a 1.4 rating amongst men aged 18-34 while strikeforce scored a 1.26 rating.

Those ratings might not mean much to some, but to advertisers demographics like these are crucial when they make their decisions on where to spend their advertising dollars.

CBS have admitted in the past that it’s the younger audience that MMA events like Strikeforce can draw to the network that makes it a desirable option for them to broadcast.

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