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UFC 113 Fighters React To Their Defeats On Twitter

A number of the fighters who came up short at UFC 113 have been posting their thoughts on their fights on their own personal twitter accounts.

Kimbo Slice left a brief message for his fans after losing out to Matt Mitrione in what appears to have been his last fight in the UFC.

“I’m sorry I let y’all down.. Im ok just dissapointed”

Meanwhile if Tom Lawlor was disappointed by his loss to Joe Doerksen then he was doing his best to hide it as he joked about his lack of cardio.

“Tom Lawlor, the most exciting 5 minutes in sports! Thanks for the support everyone, I love my fans! and if you aren’t one, screw you.”

These days no MMA fight is complete until the participants have shared their war-wounds on twitter.

Patrick Cote was eventually defeated by rear-naked choke in his fight with Alan Belcher, but he later posted a picture that revealed he had also broken his hand in the fight.

“Sorry to all my fans !! Got rock by the tombstone !! Love you all !!” he added.

The worst injury of the fight undoubtedly came in the first preliminary fight of the evening when Jason MacDonald’s leg moved in directions it’s not supposed to during a takedown attempt.

“Broken tibia and fibia and dislocated ankle! Surgery tomorrow night…..,” was the grim diagnosis announced by the fighter several hours later after a visit to the hospital.

Since his knockout loss at the hands of Shogun, Lyoto Machida has not spoken about the fight, but his corner-man Stitch Duran did mention the injury he sustained.

“Lyoto blew his nose after the KO n swelled up his eye. Was really hurt,” Duran noted on his own twitter account.

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