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UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin – Dana White Post-Fight Reaction

Needless to say UFC president Dana White was thrilled with UFC 116 which turned out to be one of the events of the year, and possibly even containing a couple of contenders for fight of the year.

“In 10 years being in this business, I’ve never seen guys deliver like they did tonight,” White told the assembled media at the post-fight press conference.

Every fight on the main card provided quality edge-of-the-seat entertainment and White admitted he was worn out by it before the bout most people had come to see had event started.

“When we got to the main event I was like I need a nap, man. I don’t even know if I can take the main event,” he said, only half joking.

Luckily he didn’t sleep through the main event which also lived up to expectations, but by the end of it White was almost in need of an ambulance as much as some of the fighters.

“This show gave me a heart attack, man. I seriously was messed up after the show. I was blown away. I need a nap!”

As for Brock Lesnar, White had nothing but praise for the defending champion.

“I’m very impressed and blown away by what he’s been able to accomplish in a short amount of time.”

At one point Lesnar began to discuss how he had begged White to let him compete in the UFC, and said he felt that the UFC president may have been looking to make an example of him by putting him in with tough opponents right away.

At that moment White interrupted to disagree.   “No,” he said, “we’re gonna make an example of James Toney,” which brought a big laugh from those in attendance.   “…I hope he’s not in here!” he quickly added as he anxiously scanned the crowd.

All in all White had every reason to be happy with what he’d seen on the night.  In the build-up to the event he had admitted they expected it to be a blockbuster as far as pay-per-view ratings go, and if that does indeed prove to be the case then he can go home satisfied that fans more than got their money’s worth.

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