UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin – Pre-Fight Conference Call

The UFC held a conference call for UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin yesterday. Check out a few highlights from what they had to say below, plus scroll down to listen to the full audio from the call.

– Lesnar was in a noticeably more jovial mood than we’re used to, which he attributes to his battle back from the potentially career-ending Diverticulitis disease.

“This has been a second coming for me, and I’m excited to be a part of this,” he said enthusiastically.

In case the assembled media got the wrong idea though he later joked, ” I still dislike all of you, before adding, “I’m excited. The fight is almost here and it’s just a good day to be alive.”

– Shane Carwin says he’s been working on his jiu-jitsu and wrestling in preparation for his title shot with Lesnar.

– Despite his good mood Lesnar did not have too many good things to say about rival heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

“I hope he does retire. He’s the greatest of all time… in his own little world, just him.” He also added that he had what it takes to beat the pound-for-pound great. “Absolutely, I can beat anyone.”

– Former WWE star Dave Batista’s rumored transition to MMA didn’t impress Lesnar either.

“Get in line. Everyone and their dog wants to get into fighting. Next question. We’re talking heavyweight championship here. Not some want-to-be.”

– One person Lesnar did have praise for was Randy Couture who’s been training with him and says he’s been learning a lot from.

– Shane Carwin reiterated a previous statement that, “If I touch anyone with my hands I can KO them.”

– Right now Carwin says he’s weighing 275lbs, while interestingly Lesnar says he’s already at the required weigh-in limit of 265lbs.

See below for the audio for the conference call…


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