UFC 116: More Post-Fight interviews

George Sotiropoulos:

“I think the results speak for themselves and I’m hear to stay. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but I’m looking forward to it.”

kendall Grove:

“I’m a human being, I can get hurt just like everybody else. When I do stupid mistakes people capitalize on it, and I just got to stop making stupid mistakes when I fight and establish good technical fights like that.”

Brendan Shaub:

“I think guys are going to be a little more hesitant to sit there and bang with me a little bit, so I just go out there and try to impose my will on these guys and it worked for me tonight.”

Gerald Harris:

“I took a split-second to look and he locked up and was like, ‘there’s no reason to hit him.’ One for his safety, and two, you can wake people up. Adrenaline does keep you going and I could have whammed on him, but it just clicked in my head that he was out.”


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