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UFC 116 PPV Buy Rate Estimated At 1.15-1.25 Million

Leading up to last weekend’s UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin event the expectations were that this would be the biggest pay-per-view event of the year. Early estimates coming in for the show appear to show that is indeed the case.

According to Dave Meltzer at, who is often first with PPV date, early estimates indicate that FC 116 is trending above one million buys.

“Based on trending patterns, which also show some wide variations instead of consistencies, the number would look to be 1.15 million to 1.25 million. Those are usually very good predictors of buys, but they are not numbers coming from direct buys. But based on trending levels, the show looks good for finishing in the No. 2 spot on the all-time UFC list. It would be a big surprise to finish lower than No. 4.”

The “wide variations” that Meltzer mentions appears to come from certain key markets showing unusual activity.   For the most part this is being attributed to the influx of pro-wrestling fans who wouldn’t normally buy a UFC card, but consider any fight with ex-WWE star Brock Lesnar a ‘must buy.’

Anything over the seven figure barrier in pay-per-view terms is still a rarity for the promotion and a cause for celebration as can be seen by the all-time best selling UFC events list below.

1. UFC 100: 1.6 million PPV buys

2. UFC 116: 1.15-1.25 million PPV Buys

3. UFC 66: 1.05 million PPV buys

–   UFC 114: 1.05 million PPV buys

4.  UFC 92: 1 million PPVbuys

The good news for the UFC have now been fortunate enough to have achieved it on two separate occasions in the past two months, capping off a very successful period starting with UFC 111 back in late March in which they have yet to dip under 500,000 PPV sales.

  • UFC 111: GSP Vs Hardy / Carwin Vs Mir -770,000
  • UFC 112: Silva Vs Maia / Penn Vs Edgar – 500,000
  • UFC 113: Machida Vs Shogun 2 – 520,000
  • UFC 114: Rampage Vs Evans – 1,050,000
  • UFC 115: Liddell Vs Franklin – 520,000
  • UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin – 1,150,000 – 1,250,000

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